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Rainy Sunday

Not much goin’ on.

The game has been called off.

The back deck is all wet.

The budget is stuck in committee.

I’m thinking of having a smoke.

Church bells flat and far away.

They’re reloading in the war.

Drinking early up at camp.

The vacation is over…

…Drive the weary miles home to rest.

There’s a guy without much chances.

There’s a girl without much hope.

Lookit all that rain.

Maybe something will happen Monday.

The races are all on hold.

There’s nothin’ on TV.

Stop hitting your sister.

The dog has clearly given up.

It’s the end of the week

Or the weak at the end.

Just starting all over again.

Saturday night is ringing in the rafters.

Cool and rainy Sunday

Isn’t much to do.

My phone is sending birthday wishes

To folks I hardly knew.

Wishes fly with starry eyes around my weary head.

Wishing the leaves weren’t turning.

Keeping the home fires burning.

I wish I could remember all the little things she said.

Call it in.

Turn the page.

Start again.

Maybe something will happen Monday.

by shawn inlow

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